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  • Mobile Web Applications With Reference To HTML5, CSS3 and Conversion from PSD

    The latest technological developments in the virtual world of internet and telecommunication have made real the things that were thought to be impossible some years back. The HTML5 and CSS3 have empowered the mobile phones with features that transform them to smart phones. The expectations of the corporate world as well as the web site visitors from the virtual world of internet and the website has increased many fold and to meet those expectations the HTML5 has come into being. As far as smart phones are concerned the major players in the market of smart phones are Google and Apple which are the big names in mobile application development world. There is a lot of difference among the operating systems and platforms of the smart phones. The businesses and the website visitors want the web applications including the websites to perform as they used to in case of desktop personal computers. One of the purposes served by HTML5 and CSS3 is facilitating the businesses and the visitors with web applications and websites that are compatible with different operating systems and platforms. And if you combinate development with android app promotion service, you can make a quality and popular product.

    Some of the characteristics of HTML5 that make it a popular coding language are as follows.

    • HTM5 helps to store the data offline and on the client’s side too. The availability of the application is not totally dependent on the online internet connectivity. This facilitates the utility of the application by the user.

    • The user can easily get connected to the server. The availability of the web sockets allows easy utility of application like chat applications.

    • Coding with HTML5 facilitates the user with information and content that is concerned with his/her (visitor’s) physical location. This facility is going to depend on the GPS and Wi-Fi signals.

    • The web application can be designed to capable of playing multimedia. Coding with HTML5 supports audio and video as well as playback. This implies that there is no need of installing audio payers or Flash for playing the multimedia. You can use android app promotion service to get more positive reviews on Google Play or App Store and move your app to TOP.

    • The operation of dragging and dropping becomes easier.

    • The capability to draw things is enhanced and extended. This sort of facility allows the drawing of flowcharts and games in two dimensions. With the help of HTML5 the designer can create exceptionally excellent graphic interface.

    Some of the most attractive features of CSS3 are as follows.

    • The elements of the page can be designed to be translucent.

    • The regions or layouts that have rectangular shape can be designed to have rounded edges.

    • The various regions and fonts can be designed to have shadows.

    • The fonts or typography can be customized as well as incorporated into the web applications.

    • The designer can have multiple pictures in the background.

    Most of the companies offering the services of PSD to HTML conversion have started using HTML5 and CSS3.